Ford Y Fordson 7Y E04C E494C E83W and 300E Thames commercial van spares and parts

For many years Ford had been well established as being a main provider of commercial vehicles in Great Britain with their range of delivery vans and lorries. With the introduction of the Ford model Y it was possible to offer a new small and economic light van to enable local traders and small businesses to deliver their goods and services to the customer. These small vans were used by all sorts of shopkeepers and trades and numerous of the older generation can remember their bread, milk, meat or groceries being delivered to the door in them. Production of the 'van' model variants of cars always continued for a while after the car model change.

The Ford model Y van was built from December 1932 through to November 1937, powered by the trusty 8hp 933cc sidevalve engine, with a total production of 30795 units. The capacity of these vehicles was 5cwt with a load space of 50 cubic feet. In 1936 the model name changed to Fordson 5cwt van. A three wheeled commercial variant model 'Tug' was manufactured September 1935 to July 1937 being a power unit designed specifically to move small trailer loads over short distances or with frequent stops.

The launch of the 7Y Eight in 1937 allowed the production of a 5cwt van with a 52 cubic feet capacity, with an additional 10 cubic feet alongside the driver (the passenger seat remained an optional extra throughout production) still using the 8hp engine. The silhouette shape and body style of this model was to remain basically unchanged for 17 years and is regularly referred to as the 'Ford Pop van'. Production of 7Y Eight was 13200 units from November 1937 to November 1941, E04C was 32322 units from April 1945 to November 1948, and the E494C was 66359 units from October 1948 to July 1954. These models were all very similar, superseding each other, still retaining the 933cc 8hp engine. Similar models made for the export market usually were fitted with 10hp 1172cc engines with different model designation. March 1938 saw the launch of the 10cwt E83W model, initially as a van only, but later as a pick-up and estate car (Utilecon). The same 10hp, 1172cc sidevalve engine, powered this model which carried through to September 1957, offering a gigantic 120 cubic feet capacity with no passenger seat. The E83W model became a real work horse, being used in a huge variety of guises from a production run of 188577 units. Other than the engine most of the parts used on this type are model specific.

The Ford 100E model (1172cc sidevalve engine) the design of the small vans took a dramatic change, new power unit, gone were the chassis and transverse springs to be replaced by a monocoque body shell with independent front suspension (leaf springs retained at rear). The 300E model van was manufactured from July 1954 through to April 1961 in two capacity models only, the 5cwt and later the 7cwt van, both offer the same 66 cubic feet load volume. The 5cwt 300E was only offered in one basic trim level and 139267 units were produced, the 7cwt 300E was offered in Standard (10056 units produced) or Deluxe (47562 units produced).

The demise of the sidevalve engine came with the introduction of the 105E overhead valve engine, and the 307E van (5cwt and 7cwt) was launched. This model saw wide service and use, and really was the forerunner of the later Escort van.

Throughout manufacturing Ford have usually offered chassis and scuttle units for bodying by private coachbuilders, also the company was keen to export vehicles throughout the world. The Australian market was renowned for it's ability to build their own range of commercials, their 'utility' or 'ute' which was locally built on virtually and model available. However some models were built solely for the export market, ie 7W panel van, E93A ute, A53A panel van and ute, A54A (8hp engine) panel van and ute, E494A (8hp initially then 10hp) ute, A493A ute, 103E ute.

We enthusiastically support the continued use of these fine small commercials, and our stock range of parts and spares will hopefully guarantee their continued motoring use and enjoyment.

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Ford Y Fordson 7Y E04C E494C E83W and 300E Thames commercial van spares and parts
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